The Process of Forgiveness

The episode the Power of Forgiveness features hosts Louise Juel and Pernilla Burke as they discuss the theme of forgiveness in the context of personal and spiritual growth.

The Process of Forgiveness

Podcast Summary


In the latest episode of the “Awakening Process 101” podcast, we embark on a profound exploration of forgiveness, digging deep into its complexities and the pivotal role it plays in our emotional and spiritual lives. As always, the conversation between myself, Pernilla Burke, and my dear friend Louise Joule, is interwoven with personal reflections and spiritual insights, aiming to offer both solace and inspiration to our listeners.

Understanding and Practicing Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a dynamic process that involves a deep emotional introspection and the decision to move beyond our grievances. Throughout the discussion, we examine how forgiveness is not simply about overlooking the wrongs done to us, but rather an act of profound inner clarity and liberation. It is about choosing to release the hold of past hurts so that we may find peace and move forward with our lives. This segment is rich with personal stories that illustrate the transformative power of forgiveness, showing how it can mend broken relationships and heal emotional wounds.

The Role of Forgiveness in Personal Growth and Spirituality

This part of our conversation highlights forgiveness as a cornerstone of spiritual development. It opens us to new dimensions of our being, enhancing our understanding of ourselves and our connections with others. Forgiveness is presented as an essential practice for anyone on a spiritual path, as it cultivates inner peace, enhances mindfulness, and fosters a deeper engagement with life. We discuss how integrating forgiveness into our daily spiritual practices can lead to profound personal transformations and a more heart-centered approach to life.

Self-Compliance and Forgiving Oneself

The discussion culminates with an in-depth look at the importance of self-forgiveness. Here, we talk about the necessity of extending compassion to ourselves, an act that is often more challenging than forgiving others. Self-forgiveness is crucial for overcoming self-criticism and guilt, and it is a vital step towards self-love and acceptance. By sharing our personal experiences with self-forgiveness, we hope to encourage our listeners to embrace their imperfections and find forgiveness for themselves, which is the first step towards genuine healing.


The podcast “The Process of Forgiveness” offers a comprehensive exploration of forgiveness, emphasizing its significance in our lives. Through this dialogue, we aim to inspire our listeners to embrace forgiveness, not only as a practice but as a way of life. By understanding and integrating forgiveness, we open ourselves to a world of deeper love, profound healing, and spiritual enlightenment, moving ever closer to our true selves.

Main Topics 

Understanding and Practicing Forgiveness

In our conversation about understanding and practicing forgiveness, we delve into its transformative power, not just as an act of letting go but as a profound journey towards healing and reconciliation. Forgiveness, as we explore, involves a deep recognition of the pain inflicted, whether by others or ourselves, and the conscious decision to release this burden. This liberation is not about excusing harmful actions but about breaking away from the cycle of resentment that binds us to our past hurts. Through personal anecdotes, we illustrate how embracing forgiveness has opened us to new possibilities of love and understanding, ultimately restoring peace and harmony within our lives.

The Role of Forgiveness in Personal Growth and Spirituality

In this segment, we discuss how forgiveness is integral to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. It acts as a gateway to self-discovery, allowing us to confront and dissolve the barriers of anger and bitterness that obstruct our spiritual paths. Forgiveness enriches our spiritual journey, offering us a clearer perspective on our life’s purpose and deepening our connections with the divine. By integrating forgiveness into our spiritual practices, we find that it not only enhances our emotional resilience but also our capacity to love more wholly and live more fully.

Self-Compliance and Forgiving Oneself

The discussion on self-compassion and forgiving oneself highlights the importance of treating ourselves with the same kindness and understanding that we might offer to others. This segment of our conversation reflects on the challenges and benefits of self-forgiveness, which is often the most difficult yet the most crucial step towards healing and self-acceptance. We share insights into how forgiving ourselves can lead to significant emotional relief and self-renewal, ultimately fostering a more compassionate and forgiving outlook towards others.

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Abdi Assadi is unlike any other healer or spiritual teacher ever encountered. He is an expert in martial arts, and a dynamic healer practicing a diverse array of Chinese and Eastern Medicine, indigenous shamanic rituals, and meditation techniques. With a clinical practice in New York City for almost 4 decades, Abdi has accumulated a vast knowledge of real life experience working with several thousands of individuals, guiding them through the most difficult times, and teaching them how to understand themselves. One of the greatest things about him is he merges the human psyche with the spiritual psyche.

Steeped in deep wisdom and insight that is rare to find on this planet in these modern times, Abdi has an extraordinary ability in perceiving and comprehending human souls and their individual psyche. Guided by the divine, Abdi guides you to open up and see beyond your limited Self, into your own soul. His impeccable discernment enables him to unleash personal remarks that pierce through your veil, statements that you will never forget and in an instant alter your perception of yourself and your reality.

– Quotes from Shadows on the Path by Abdi Assadi:

All spiritual masters teach us that love is an activity before it is a condition – and that love is all-encompassing.
Page 18

It felt like I was coming off a race track and driving in a school zone. He knew, years before I did, that my speed was my way of suppressing my early childhood anxiety, and that only slowing down could heal it.

Why do you need to use all these words like God and spirituality? It is right here Abdi, all around you, all the time
Page 40

one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
Page 51

Ultimately it keeps grace out of our lives because we are using our will power to manipulate every event and person around us.
Page 74

His lesson, which I had begun to learn for myself, is that outside circumstances do not define our internal experience if we can surrender into them. Painful or undesirable situations will always arise; true suffering comes from our ego’s desire to resist life as it is.
Page 77

Note from Pernilla:
I met Abdi in the fall of 2014 and when I arrived in his office the first thing he said was, “It’s time that you stop carrying other people’s anxiety.” In the year that followed, my entrenched codependency patterns reared their ugly heads and I was confronted with a part of myself that I had never even known was there.

A few years later, Abdi said, “When are you going to start writing your book?”I looked at him in surprise. I was not a writer. My expertise was centered around creating crazy good Excel spreadsheets. However, I started writing and collecting notes about life issues and life experiences … and here we are a few years later.

Sally Kempton is a preeminent meditation teacher of our time.

She is an expert scholar in Hinduism and all Hindu texts especially in Kashmir Shaivisim. Formerly Swami Durgananda, she left monastic life in the 1980’s to teach publicly. She has written several books and is one of the most known and loved spiritual teachers in our time.

Note from Pernilla:

I met Sally at one of her workshops at City Yoga in LA in 2003. She had the most gentle and loving disposition, and I just wanted to always be around her. I was fortunate to have been part of her two year-long “Transformative journey” courses in 2006 and 2007 and many retreats ever since. She is the true representation of unconditional love and transmits intense shakti from her Guru Swami Muktananda.

Sally is the primary building block and foundation in my spiritual journey. Without her, I would have never found and stuck with meditation – the most transformative experience of my life. Without her, I would have been lost without a clue where to go next. Her wealth of knowledge of yogic philosophy and incredible understanding of the human condition is what makes her a force to be reckoned with.  She understands your depth and makes you feel seen, heard, validated, and deeply loved.