Brain Entrainment: The Remarkable Transformation of Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Holosync: Transform your life with brain entrainment - a gift of freedom and balance

Navigating life’s emotional ups and downs used to be a constant struggle for me, from battling depression to dealing with insomnia. When I discovered Holosync and Brain Entrainment, a transformation occurred which to me almost seems like a miracle. 

Over the course of 13 years, this tool has helped me find a sense of balance and emotional stability that once seemed unattainable. It’s a commitment, both in time and resources, but the rewards are immeasurable: better sleep, a calmer mind, and a life lived with greater emotional freedom. In this blog, I’ll share my personal experience with Holosync, offering insights that could be your pathway to a more balanced life.

Bottoming Out: Postpartum and Depression

In my early life, I struggled with depression and addiction. Emotionally, I was a mess, with considerable ups and downs and difficulties dealing with whatever came my way. I was either a little crazy, partying and having fun, or crying uncontrollably. I struggled to find a middle place, a place of balance. 

I had been sober for about ten years when my first daughter was born. Unfortunately, I had severe postpartum depression. It had been a difficult journey from a miscarriage to IVF, being fearful of basically everything going wrong, and then moving from LA to Princeton, NJ, where my daughter was born in August 2008. In childbirth, I injured my tailbone, so I could not sit for almost a year. After cortisone injections, I was unable to sleep, and it all came to a head in the Spring of 2009 when I almost relapsed because of a combination of depression and insomnia. I was desperate. 

I was lucky to find a psychiatrist who asked me over 100 questions. One of them I will never forget. He asked, “Do you feel tired tired or wired tired? I was stunned! WIRED TIRED! That was it! For years I had felt frazzled, unfocused, and out of sync. Luckily, he nailed my medication on the first go. Finally, I could feel normal and just go about my day, and finally, I could sleep. 

Discovering hope after a lifetime of emotional challenge.

During this time, my therapist suggested I try using a brain entrainment tool called Holosync. Brain entrainment is a technology that resynchronizes and rebalances the brain hemispheres. The two halves of the brain often get thrown off balance throughout the years through mental and physical trauma. Anxiety, depression, and drugs certainly did it for me. 

Holosync uses sound to bring your brainwaves into relaxation. All you hear are nature sounds and rain, but behind all that are the tones and sounds that slow down your brain waves, so you are brought into theta and delta brain wave patterns.  For instance, in theta, we enter the parasympathetic nervous system, where healing can take place.

Holosync: A meditative technology that changed everything

When I started using Holosync in 2009, I had a CD and a simple CD player that ran on batteries and a proper headset. Each day, when my daughter napped, I would listen to Holosync lying flat on my bed, sort of like in savasana. Sometimes I would drift off and fall asleep or feel like I was dreaming while still awake. But, I always felt refreshed, as if my frazzled mind had been able to take a short break. I noticed a difference right away and could cope better with the second part of my day. I used to say that it felt as if I flushed all the negativity down the drain after listening to Holosync. Most importantly, I started sleeping better, which affected everything. 

Like with meditation, I stuck with Holosync, and I am not exactly sure why. The changes were subtle, but still, I felt a difference and have kept going for all these years. Holosync is an undertaking, it takes an hour each time, and every new level costs about more than $100. Because of the cost and the time and effort it takes, most people don’t stick with it. I have given the intro CD to numerous family members and friends, and no one has yet stuck with it.

As I write this in 2022, I have regularly been using Holosync for 13 years. I am only on the 4th level. Each level should take about a year to complete, but it’s taken me longer because I want to be thorough, and there are times when I don’t use it as much. But I have always come back to it and consider it one of my most important awakening tools.

How I discovered the unexpected power of brain entrainment

Brain entrainment has done so much for me. It has given me the ability to focus, listen, and act with forethought instead of reacting on instinct and with anger and resistance. It has given me the ability to love without an agenda and feel unafraid of what lies ahead. It has cleared the weeds of my emotional self. Holosync has trained my brain back into calmness. 

As my children grew older, and I could no longer use it during nap time, one of the experts at Holosync suggested I use it in the early morning while I am still in bed. So for the last decade or so, I have used it early in the morning. They recommend using it sitting in meditation posture but say that it’s fine using it lying down also. So this is what I do: I lie like in savasana and listen. Sometimes I fall back asleep, and sometimes I don’t, but the brain entrainment technology is working on me regardless of whether or not I am sleeping.

A game changer for the practice of traditional meditation

Over the years, I also discovered that it helped me tremendously with my regular meditation practice. Holosync has helped strengthen my meditation muscle, so to speak. Before Holosync, meditation was incredibly difficult for me. But along with Holosync, I’ve learned to sit for an hour at a time, feeling like it was a breeze. Many years ago, at a retreat with Sally at Esalen, I was discussing brain entrainment with Sally. She said that in the realm of meditation, Holosync is basically cheating, but if it helps your ability to meditate, then, of course, one should do it.

While using Holosync, I have also meditated traditionally for over an hour every day. Sally always says an hour is what it takes, and after all these years of doing that, I completely agree with her. An hour is what it takes to really see long-lasting benefits. But, again, without Holosync working congruently, that hour of traditional meditation would have been impossible. But my brain became used to going into deep meditative patterns, so an hour has become like a cakewalk.

Brain Entrainment and its impact on daily life and relationships

A few years ago, my husband and I had just arrived from an 8-hour overnight flight to Sweden. When we arrived, my husband realized he had forgotten his computer on the plane. When he told me, I responded by simply saying “ok” and went on my computer to search for the airport lost and found number. While I was calling, my husband returned and looked at me hopelessly and said that he had also forgotten his cell phone in the taxi. Again, I said “ok” and went on my phone to search for the taxi driver’s phone number, who, luckily, I had booked through my online taxi app. While all this was going on, I didn’t feel angry at my husband. Instead, I felt more empathy, and in my mind, I just had a task list of what needed to get done. The taxi driver came back with my husband’s phone moments later, and I filled out a lost and found report for the computer. I didn’t lash out at my husband and make him feel any worse than he already felt. I went back downstairs and fell asleep. Not many years before this, a situation like this would have brought up so much anger and blame and wanting to fix the situation immediately. My mind and thoughts would have been going at one hundred miles per minute, and it would have prevented me from being able to fall asleep.

Proof that change is possible

My husband, later on, explained that he was taken aback by my response. We have been together since 2004, so he has experienced firsthand all my tantrums but also all the healing and transformation that has occurred. But even for me, this experience was a wake-up call of how much my behavior has changed. Of course, I have bad days and worry just like everyone else, but I handle them differently than I used to. Nowadays, I am generally a very joyful, happy person who is incredibly excited about life. I don’t ruminate for hours like I used to. Instead, I experience greater stillness and long periods of a quiet mind.

I know that it’s not only brain entrainment that has contributed to this. I embarked on a long journey of healing and used numerous transformational tools. But, besides meditation, brain entrainment is by far the tool that has had the most impact. I think I would have gotten to this place with traditional meditation, but it would have been even harder and taken longer.  

Resynchronizing the brain: A life of balance

I was stuck in fight-or-flight for most of my life, especially while actively using drugs. I was always in a full-blown panic in reaction to most difficulties, with my state of being feeling as if I was being chased by a wolf. I have learned that by resetting your mind with meditation and tools like Holosync, it is possible to bring yourself out of this state of perpetual panic back into a state of calm. 

I learned that Holosync creates “new neural pathways and increased communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain,” leading to what scientists call “whole-brain” functioning.” This is how I feel now, I am no longer out of sync, not fried or frazzled, not wired or tired. I feel whole. Finally, I feel connected and able to unconditionally love the beings around me, my family, animals, and the earth.  I have discovered that an overall sense of well-being is my natural state. Holosync has helped me be better at dealing with difficulties without overreacting and increased my ability to deal with life on life’s terms. I no longer experience the sense of dread and hopelessness that I regularly felt earlier in life. I sleep better and fall asleep more effortlessly. Now, I am the observer and witness that watches events unfold instead of getting entangled in them. 



In addition to states such as accelerated learning ability and enhanced creativity, Holosync® can help a listener easily enter and benefit from states of deep meditation, until now accessible only to long-time meditators practicing many hours a day for many years.

Holosync® audio tones are delivered to the nervous system using a low carrier frequency stimulus, masked by pleasant music and environmental sounds, which drives the nervous system to progressively higher levels of functioning. Through precise sound patterning based on over twenty years of research, Holosync® creates a “push” in the brain which causes the brain to reorganize at  higher levels of awareness and functioning, in much the same way a runner gives his or her body a physical stimulus to cause it to reorganize at higher levels of physical ability.

Typically, listeners show impressive improvements in emotional health, a whole range of mental abilities, self-awareness, ability to meditate deeply, personal motivation, sense of spiritual connection, and a number of other areas.

Holosync® is based on research done at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, the Menninger Clinic, and a number of other research facilities, and is currently used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 193 countries.


Sally Kempton

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A few years later, Abdi said, “When are you going to start writing your book?”I looked at him in surprise. I was not a writer. My expertise was centered around creating crazy good Excel spreadsheets. However, I started writing and collecting notes about life issues and life experiences … and here we are a few years later.

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I met Sally at one of her workshops at City Yoga in LA in 2003. She had the most gentle and loving disposition, and I just wanted to always be around her. I was fortunate to have been part of her two year-long “Transformative journey” courses in 2006 and 2007 and many retreats ever since. She is the true representation of unconditional love and transmits intense shakti from her Guru Swami Muktananda.

Sally is the primary building block and foundation in my spiritual journey. Without her, I would have never found and stuck with meditation – the most transformative experience of my life. Without her, I would have been lost without a clue where to go next. Her wealth of knowledge of yogic philosophy and incredible understanding of the human condition is what makes her a force to be reckoned with.  She understands your depth and makes you feel seen, heard, validated, and deeply loved.